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Allium Bulbs


What Makes Our Allium Bulbs Special

Breck's provides high-quality allium bulbs for sale directly from Holland! Our alliums are easy to care for and come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, which are excellent for varied garden uses. Choose from a range of stunningly beautiful single varieties or go for an assortment with our sensational allium mixtures and collections!

The Many Benefits of Allium Flowers

Allium flowers don't find favor with deer, repel most insect pests and when planted alongside vegetables, will help protect them from insect damage. Alliums also provide one of the most effective ways to ensure continuing color and beauty in your garden after spring-flowering bulbs have faded. While you wait for the cheery blooms of summer flowers, it's easy to enjoy the outstanding features of alliums:
• Exceptionally easy to grow with little concern for soil conditions.
• Intriguing and unique blooms that are a delight to behold.
• Great ornamental value after flowering as the flower heads continue to provide an interesting display even after the colors have faded.
• Beautiful in dried arrangements.
• Ability to naturalize exceptionally well by multiplying year after year for increased beauty.
• Distasteful flavor for animals, so they won¹t eat any part of them.
• Attractive to hummingbirds!

Tips For Growing Alliums

Alliums grow best in areas that receive 6-8 hours of full sun on a daily basis, but they will also do well in partially shaded spaces. Alliums can flourish in different soil types - from clay to loam, even sand, just as long as the soil drains well. Although, they do best with well drained, fertile soil and good moisture. Plant Allium bulbs in September or October about 8-10" deep. Most allium flowers start to bloom in mid to late spring and continue to spread color through midsummer (and sometimes well into the winter season if you're located in hardiness zones 3 through 9).

How to Help Alliums Look their Best

Alliums, sometimes called "ornamental onions", look best in the company of other summer bloomers. Sweet alyssum, rock cress, bachelor's buttons, coreopsis, sweet William, foxglove, baby's breath, daylily, iris, red hot poker, coralberry, barberry, Japanese Maple, Deutzia rosea, weigela, and Geranium pretense are just some of the companion plants that look fantastic with alliums.

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